curated by Silvia Camporesi

The complete cycle of 366 original shots of the "Düsseldorf" project, presented last year in Padua as part of the collective "Latitudini Quotidiane", curated by Carlo Sala, is visible for the first time on the occasion of Photo Open Up. Abissi is an unreleased series born spontaneously from the previous one. The gaze has made a movement from the outside to the inside: the elsewhere is now sought inside the house. The attention is focused on a daily beauty, only apparently quiet, understood as life and mystery. Common indoor plants are observed from excessive proximity and illuminated by a flash. The domestic environment changes its appearance: it does not calm and it does not appear embellished. Unnatural light is one of the centers of the work and indicates one of its directions of meaning by making a difference through a double alteration: on the one hand that aimed at the photographed object, which becomes unreal, and on the other that relating to the symbolic sphere of the thought. Light determines the focus of attention, both technically and metaphorically.
The shots come from 62x46mm snapshots that are scanned and greatly enlarged. There is no post-production with regards to colours and shapes.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
from 10am to 7pm

Cattedrale Ex Macello

Via Alvise Cornaro, 1/b

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