Inferno, inferni

curated by Carlo Sala

The titular exhibition of the Festival - Inferno, inferni (Hell, hells) - offers the images of some of the photographers who made the history of photography from the Sixties until nowadays, coming from the collections of Centro Internazionale di Fotografia Scavi Scaligeri of Verona. The exhibition, curated by Carlo Sala with the collaboration of Giusi Pasqualini, proposes a selection of fifty iconic shots taking a contemporary angle on some characteristic of Dante’s architecture, like violence, contention and hypocrisy, to shed a light to the contemporary hells. A path through social images going from the condition of outcasts to war front reportages made by fifteen international authors. The exhibition opens with an unprecedented parallel between the work of John Philips and that of Gianni Berengo Gardin and Carla Cerati around the asylums: the shots of the historical author of “Life” tell a direct tale that evokes moments of leisure and work in the art labs; the photographs of the two Italians have a cruder tone, denouncing the conditions of the people interned in the psychiatric hospitals. The exhibition also displays a series of looks on Italian society: from the Sicily of Ferdinando Scianna to the suburbs of Gabriele Basilico and the folk rituals portrayed by Fulvio Roiter. The second part of the exhibition is focused on the contemporary conflicts that pervaded the world from the Middle East, as seen by Francesco Cito, to the Twin Towers attack of twenty years ago. The image of James Nacthwey shows the rubble of the World Trade Center on the 11th September 2001, while the shot of Antonin Kratochvil delivers the emotional context of the people of New York after the attack. The exhibition continues on the wars that stemmed out of that epochal event with a series of touching images by authors like Alexandra Boulat and John Stanmeyer, narrating the ordeals of afghan refugees, or Gary Knight who shows the rubble of Kabul razed to the ground after the American invasion. The exhibition is promoted in collaboration with the City of Verona, Culture department.

Exhibited authors: Gabriele Basilico, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Alexandra Boulat, Carla Cerati, Francesco Cito, Mauro Galligani, Ron Haviv, Gary Knight, Antonin Kratochvil, Giorgio Lotti, Christopher Morris, James Nachtwey, John Phillips, Fulvio Roiter, Ferdinando Scianna e John Stanmeyer.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
from 10am to 7pm

Musei Civici agli Eremitani

Piazza Eremitani, 8

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