curated by Silvia Camporesi

In Ukuqhaqha, “the undoing” in Zulu, love, more than the relationship with another human being, more than a romantic desire, is expressed in its dimension of loss and need for vital reconstruction. If Dante’s Beatrice is a transcendent symbol of a spiritual figure of love, this project presents love in its existence as an affective practice, as a cipher of heterogeneous relationships with other beings, objects and spaces. From my autobiographical experience as an artist, moving from South Africa to the Netherlands, where I currently live, to speak of love is also to find processes of reconstruction and rehabilitation of belonging. Love’s existence is then inseparable from its dimension of fracture, of undoing, an ambiguous sign between the desire for belonging and the violence of dispossession. Ukuqhaqha reorientates romantic and individualized love to find instead its transcendent and spiritual constitution of journey and motivational force. Exploring other ontologies of the presence, this project evokes cosmologies that guide other modalities of love, this one thought also in its dimension of attachment of the subject to material and immaterial beings, as territories, ancestors and entities. These other connections, these heterogeneous loves, not individualized to a body or subject, this non anthropocentric love, orient expansive modalities of a subject that can not be thought of more than its continued and worked relationship with the different worlds it travels through.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
from 10am to 7pm

Cattedrale Ex Macello

Via Alvise Cornaro, 1/b

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