Mozafrican Cosmology

Dilayla Romeo

a cura di Carlo Sala e Sofia Sattin

“MozAfrican Cosmology” by Dilayla Romeo is a series of abstract images created with natural inks from medicinal plants, showing dreamlike and imaginary cosmological universes filled with intense colors and shapes, representing the strong relationship of the Mozambican indigenous people with the universe. 

Dilayla reflects on the link in healing practices within the Mozambican tradition, and its relationship with the natural forces of the cosmos and the cultural identity that is transmitted through stories and myths. The artist thus creates her own visual representation of this connection and her traditional activities transmitted orally from generation to generation through the elders. 

“African Cosmology is the African search for the meaning of life. It is the way in which the African people perceive and contemplate the universe; the lens through which they see reality, which affects their value systems and attitude. Through magic, herbs, divination, amulets and different natural elements create a protection in relation to the Source of Creation”. (Kanu 2013)

Dilayla Romeo. Mozafrican Cosmology
da martedì a venerdì
15.00 - 19.00
sabato e domenica
10.00 - 19.00

Palazzo Angeli
Prato della Valle, 12
35123 Padova PD

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